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This is the continuity trip after The Gilis. We visit Kuta Beach and Sade Village. It was medium trip, I vaguely remember but it was around 3-4 hours on road trip from Gili Trawangan to Kuta Beach Lombok. We arrived almost sunset. But glad we caught the best moments.

Kuta Beach Lombok, one word…. BREATH TAKING!


The name of the beach is the same as the name of Kuta Beach in Bali. But in Kuta Beach Lombok, many hasn’t been exploited as Kuta Bali nowadays. This beach could be considered still has its purity.

Kuta Beach Lombok is known for its pepper size white sand. It’s really bigger than any other sand I’ve seen. The beach was clean, the view was WOW, and the place is not too crowded by tourists. Our another private beach!! πŸ˜€


We didn’t swim there, just taking picture. I got one of my favorite traveling picture here. Thanks to Mei and Pur who snapped it for me. Too bad we didn’t stay long there, but it was very memorable. You can see it at my picture of how beautiful Kuta Lombok is.

You should see it your self πŸ˜‰

kuta1 20130805_165920-1024x576kuta5

Next visit is Sade Village that inhabited by Sasak people. Sade Village is one of the well preserved traditional village in Lombok. Sade Village maintain its uniqueness in this modern era.

During the visit, we were accompanied by a local villager as our tour guide. It’s a must, since most of Sasak people couldn’t speak Bahasa or more English. It was great, because that also mean helping the earning of local people. Tour Guide from Sade Village is able to speak Bahasa and English. Cool right! Our tour guide, if I’m not mistaken, his name is Rion, or something like that :D. Sorry, it was night already and my body battery’s was only remain one stripe.

At the entrance, there are 2 meeting halls on the left. There is also a sekeenam, just like in Bali. We used to call it Bale in Bali.

In Sade Village all the houses are located in one complex. No additional house is allowed to build inside the complex anymore. They can build new house outside the complex. Their house is very traditional, built from dried beady grass for the roof, clay, and a mixture of cow feces for the floor and walls. I didn’t understand how the made it, but the roof is waterproof. The family number in this village is only 152 in around 6 ha area. We were allowed to see one. The two story house, where the kitchen is at the second floor.

20130805_175031Β 20130805_174600

We walked for tour in Sade Village, it was dark at 7pm. And for your note, this village has less less electricity. Darn, big mistake for us who visit at night. But we moved on anyway.

Along the tour, we passed several local people who sell souvenirs. There are hand made bracelets, key chains, necklaces and also Sasak’s original traditional clothes, called Ikat. Ikat cloth is beautiful, I heard it was using natural dye for the color. But based on what I saw, I think they used a modern coloring too. I bought one Ikat for my Mother (the collector lady of traditional clothes). It was a tough bargain. Until I finally got it for Rp. 400.000,- from Rp. 500.000,-. Bargain is allowed. Just named your price. But named it with humanity :D. Sasak’s woman worked hard for each cloth, hand made weaving spend around 2-4 months per cloth. So bargain with morality people! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


The most romantic, yet weird thing is when Sasak people wanted to get married. The will groom must first kidnap the will bride from her parents’ house in the middle of the night. The will bride already permit this action. The will groom must kidnap the lady without her parents noticing, or else he had to face a deadly duel with the lady’s parents. So Romeo and Juliet right.. But hope nothing is like the tragic ending.

That’s all the tour at Sade Village. I really suggested you to come at day time. I missed a lot of wonderful photo here. (Sigh!).. But totally recommended. Sade Village will make you feel like you are entering a different era. The preservation are worth to get my four thumbs up!

Love Kuta Beach and Sade Village!


So pack up and Go!



Ananda Ramartha


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