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Dear Friends,


Who loves to sing? ME ME (haha!)..

I was born in a family with a high musicality sense, (from my Mother side). My Mother is a great singer and used to win at singing and modeling competitions in Bali on her youth days. Me my self, love singing and acting better than modeling, but my little sister is a model and actress (definitely not a singer, sorry sis!). So our Mother’s talents seem divided fairly to both of us ;D.

I was in a high school theater club and in college still play for cabarets. The most memorable one when I play Cinderella parody. It was the funniest cabaret, where me as Cinderella was paired, not Prince Charming but Prince Chubby. I wish I had the documentation. I love acting, but never do anything about it. But singing, yup yup.. Music is part of my days. I was never a vocalist in any band. I was a freelance vocalist. I sing at graduation day, school party, farewell, wedding or anywhere asked. I didn’t mind singing with no paid. I love singing. And that hobby makes me wanted to create music of my own.

I humming, and voila.. One song created. Sometimes I still wonder how I did it. Somehow, it feels like cooking something, but instead of making dishes, you creating songs..

Since 7 years ago, especially when I was with Kemp, I have created a lot of song in my life. Writing lyric really sharpen my writing skill. Before, I wrote one song in one month, but today I can create 5 songs in a day, melody with lyric. I don’t play any music instrument, just an autodidact writer. I have created maybe almost hundred song, but I was a fool because never record it properly. So I lost most of them, especially when I had lupus. Totally slow my brain down. Now I started to documenting every song I have creating, and try to give copyright for them. Hope this hobby will be a serious career. Imagine what a fun career would be!

I share the Youtube link for my songs. Remember to tell me what you think about the songs. No hijacking or copy catting okay, or I sue you and make you broke until you only have an under to wear ;D (yes, this is very serious!).



Hope you’ll love it.

I’ll see you soon,



Ananda Ramartha


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