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Dear Friends,


How are you?

Finally.. Finally.. Finally it’s happening. After writing lot lot lot of songs, this is the first time I make a public appearance from it. I created this song on 2012, a month after my husband death.

This song is inspired when I saw him in the coffin, one day after his death. He is sleeping forever in peace. That is the worst morning in my life. I felt so hollow and void, but I still greet guests in smile.This song tells how his death had torn me apart, but I tried to find sincerity and to be wholly to let him go. I don’t want him to worry about me down here, and better he went straight to the light (heaven). He’s found his peace and off from his painful sickness. Even though, I still do love him at that time.

When I sing it now, there is one thing change.. The strong love feeling for him is long gone, but change in to a very beautiful memory. Based on my experience, I couldn’t maintain my love feeling all by my self. Love is happen when you have someone to love, but I don’t have him anymore. It takes two to create a feeling you called love. So that kind of strong feeling of LOVE has changed into something more tender and calm, called AFFECTION. I live and cherish every memories of me and him. But the world keep on spinning and my life keep on moving even without him.

Let’s be honest, I am a very logical person. So instead of Love, I prefer to call my feeling right now is Loved. It’s all behind me, but the memories will go along with me for the rest of my life. He is my history, he’s no longer here. But once, I really do love him with all my heart. But today, I have moved on.

Today, 15 May 2015 is the launching of, that I chose the same date with my late husband birthday. I want to honor his memory by giving this day as another new special day in my life. Another birthday of my own website. I give him a special gift of song, and I really hope he will love this song.

And here’s the lyric.


One last time one final last day
You close your eyes in most peaceful way
My heart is broken but I smile anyway
Cause I know now you‘re okay

I touch your face and I close my eyes
I keep my promise to be by your side
Even you leave my heart still wanting you
You still mean a world in my life

this is how I feel…

Baby I love you
And it’s okay
Baby I miss you
What can I say
You will always by my side
Let me just keep all the memories on my mind
I love you
And life goes on
I love you
And you‘ll always in my heart

Say good bye to your misery
You sleep now for eternity
I know someday I‘ll find sincerity
Leave to light and have no worry

this is how I feel..


You finally leave when I told you to go
It was the hardest thing I ever done


I loved you
And life goes on
I loved you
  But you‘ll always in my heart

(Song and Lyric by Ananda Ramartha)

Bahasa Indonesia meaning


Satu saat terakhir satu hari terakhir
Kau pejamkan matamu dengan cara yang terdamai
Hatiku hancur tapi aku tetap tersenyum
Karena aku tau sekarang kamu tidak apa-apa

  Kusentuh wajahmu dan kupejamkan mataku
  Kupegang janjiku untuk disisimu
Meski kau tinggalkan aku hatiku masih menginginkanmu
  Kamu masih berarti dunia dalam hidupku

ini yang kurasakan…

Sayang aku cinta kamu
Dan tidak mengapa
Sayang aku rindu kamu
Bagaimana lagi
  Kamu akan selalu ada disisiku
Biar kusimpan saja semua kenangan didalam pikiranku
Aku mencintaimu
Dan hidup terus berjalan
Aku mencintaimu
Dan kamu akan selalu ada didalam hatiku

Katakan selamat tinggal pada penderitaanmu
  Kamu sekarang tidur dalam keabadian
  Aku tau suatu hari aku akan menemukan keikhlasan
Pergilah ke cahaya dan jangan ada cemas

  ini yang kurasakan..


Kau akhirnya pergi saat aku minta kau untuk pergi
Itu adalah hal tersulit yang pernah aku lakukan


Aku dulu mencintaimu
Dan hidup terus berjalan
Aku dulu mencintaimu
Tapi kau akan selalu ada dalam hatiku

(Lagu dan Lirik Ciptaan Ananda Ramartha)


Special Thanks for the fun loving team!

Studio Rumah Musik Zee, Bandung

Composer Kang Ofik Janggo
Video making Goesty Irwan, Kang Ofik, Kang Febby RMZ and Kang Ale Malaka
Video editing by my beloved little bro Vijay Ram. We didn’t sleep almost two nights for this 😀
Many Thanks and Love for Mommy and Keinzira who accompany me during the brainstorming. For my Daddy (Ajung) and Buin for the support.
Special love for my brilliant fighting best friend, my little sister Pratiwi Ramartha. This girl love my husband and me so much that she cried every time listening to my song or watching my video.

And last but not least, super special thanks for my inspiration. You have filled my life with happiness and joy. I am really lucky that once I had you. You are the most important muse of millions songs of mine. Happy 34th Birthday Kemp Martha. Hope you love my gift today.

You will always in my heart…

I really do hope this song will show you clearly about my feeling at that time. Thank you very much for the support for all this time. I really hope I will see you soon with more songs of mine.

Have a great day Friends!


Ananda Ramartha

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  1. Nice song bu nand, menyentuh bangettt…………………..wajib denger dan masuk playlist di handphone 😀

  2. Love your song
    Love your voice
    Love your music
    Love your lyric
    Love the way you love him

    This is the sweetest thing ever
    Love you both so much…
    You and Bli Kemp is long last love story


  3. So sweet bgt laguny nanda, nice voice,,, sumpah langsung nangis pertama liat klip ny, terharu, semoga dpt tempat terindah yaa

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