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Dear Friends,


Gamers Hi Five!! 😀


Hello my dearest friends. It’s been quite sometimes since my last post. I am asking your forgiveness (again) for that. I couldn’t concentrate for my web because I have so many things to do lately. I was selling my house and of course the most tiring part of it was, moving out and moving in. Temporary, I moved back to my parents house, they are still worry about me living alone. They need to make sure that my health is perfect before giving me a permission to live independent as before (sigh). I live by my self for 8 years, so yes, it took some adjustment to live with my parents again. But so far, I still enjoy it. More, I am really grateful to have them in my life.

There were some renovations involved here and there, and my parents allow me to redecorate some rooms to make my self live as comfy as usual (look like they bribed me). I demand privacy of course. So I’ll make sure my room provides that :D. Now 80% of the process has been done. There are some other things to do, but not as much as the last two months. Now I can be able to sit in a neat room and concentrate for you ;). Don’t worry, I wasn’t hospitalized, but really busy with my deals. And don’t worry, I took care of my body so wisely, knowing when to be busy and when to be fully rested.

So, that was the small talk, and now back to the business!



Do you guys ever guess that I am a gamer girl?

Most of my male friends surprised because of that fact :D. They think I’m a type of girl who spend most of her time in a library, a mall and a beauty salon. Thanks guys for that judgement ;p

Well I can say my family is a gamer family. It was all started when my Father bought Nintendo in around ’90s. He made my family addicted to Nintendo. And sucks for the kids, we only allowed to play in weekend. Yes, only on Saturday and Sunday. Because they didn’t want our grade went down because of playing. Relax, in elementary school I never fall from the top rank in school, even when I was a Nintendo player at home.


So what is my favorite games from Nintendo?

Here they are…




This game is about two siblings (wait they’re siblings right?) The blue and pink coat gang, who trying to climb the ice while racing with time. This game is interesting and heart pounding enough for a young me. Finish this game!

55810-Ice_Climber_(USA,_Europe)-5 Ice-Climbers

look how cute they are!!



Who would’ve thought that one of my favorite genre is racing game. But yeah, this game is the start for that interest. Spy Hunter is really challenge me, in brain concentration, eyes accommodation and thumbs reaction. Speeding to get the bad guy is fun. The sound effect when the race was about to start is perfect. It was a perfect game for me. Finish this game too!



Man that guy is hot! I knew that poster just now from browsing





Aw this cute game really can make me stay in front of tv for hours. I love how you set the strategy and trap the enemy (germs?) and blow it. Each level, the enemy become more powerful and faster. Harder to kill. Some enemy can go through the wall, which make us hiding in vain. But the higher the level, the bombs type also get more various. I forgot how far my level was (maybe 46?), but one thing for sure my Mom is the only one who can finish this game. What? Told ya, gamer family!














Mmmmh, it’s seem not perfect enough if I haven’t post about this one mainstream famous game ;D

Kidding! I like this game too. But to be honest not that much as my cousins did. My older cousin finish this game less than two weeks. And what make me didn’t like it that much, because I couldn’t seem to move from a certain level (which I forgot what level). That what made me lost interest for this game so fast.

But yes, Mario Bros is one phenomenal game that regard as one of the most successful game of all time. Based on Wikipedia it pioneering the side scrolling sub genre of the already popular platform video game of the early 1980s. And what is amaze me until now is, it sold around 40 million units of its single platform. AMAYZHIING!!

It’s still become one of the most game that gamers often mention. Because this game born in our era, when video games grew up and become this popular. Anyway, it was born the same year as I was born. So when we talk about our childhood, we will talk about Mario and Luigi Bros.

All I know this game has created so many versions based on the succeed of the Mario Brothers and Super Mario Bros. So many demand about this game versions. And I really understand why people love it. The characters, the story line, the music, the animation is one great union, that make this game a legend!

Well done creators!


smb-1where the journey started!



Oh Antartic… This cutie game I consider as my relax time game. It didn’t need strategy or whatsoever, it just need concentration and fingers speed because we’re racing with time. So when I fed up playing other games that took it out of me, then it was a sign that I need to play this game. I love this cute penguin and how it almost fell every time I made it crash something. Cuttiee buttie! I love how the sky color changing each level or in progression of a level. I love how sweet the color of the flag my penguin try to get in it’s journey. I really love the music!

This game make me love the snow and make me think that living in a real Antartica is not bad at all. Am I right?


Antarctic Adventures




Above games are all I can remember playing more often than the other. Only one type of game I really avoid before… A fighting genre game. Back then even when I was a little tomboy, I still couldn’t like or enjoy violence game. It think it was overrated. But hey, it was all changing when I met Chrono Trigger years later. God, it was one of the best game I ever played. It was a Sony Play Station game I will discuss in other post next time. The fighting was a beauty, not tacky!

So thank you so much Nintendo, you make my childhood awesome! I am that generation where I can be able to have a great time in indoor and outdoor activities. It was all balance. Nowadays, indoor generation are dominated. Era really changes, just like when I enjoy PSP better than WII nowadays.

So what do you think? Are your favorite games same as mine?



Ananda Ramartha

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