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Bad News struck the world on 13 November 2015. Bombs exploded on the six different locations in Paris, killed hundreds of people. The world is mourning after. As President of US statement, the tragedy is not only an attack for Paris and France, but also for all humanity and universal values that we share. ISIS claims responsibility for the attack. Let’s pray that justice will come for the one that we lose on the tragedy day.

This bombing remind me of terrorism happen in my own hometown, Bali on 2002. Hundreds of people killed as well at that day. Struck hard Bali, as one of the most busiest tourism destination in Asia. Just like Paris, where known as a top tourism destination in the world. Just like Bali, Paris will heal fast. And those terrorist won’t get what they intend to at the first place.

I’ll pray for it!


Yes, thanks God I’ve been there in 2014. Went with my Mother and friends. For business and leisure at the same time. The city is one of the most iconic city I ever visited. You can say that I’m so cliche for thinking about Paris that way. But yes indeed, Paris is always classic and everlasting. The France government is successful for making Eiffel and Paris so iconic in the world.

Despite every problems that Paris has, this city is opening every opportunity for everybody. As the principle of France, liberte, egalite, fragerte, they welcome foreigners living in France. Maybe that’s why France is an open can for terrorism.

Okay enough about that! Now let’s see how beautiful Paris is.. This is the place that I visited during my stay there.



The modern building is the tallest building in France (Eiffel is not a building after all). And we can see the city view from the highest floor, the 59th floor. You can see Eiffel from here. The 56th floor is open for public just like a lobby. I forgot how much the entrance ticket there. But yes, you pay to get there. You didn’t use a lift to go to the highest floor. You walk on stairs by stairs from 56th to 59th.

Not many French loves Montparnasse, because the building is really different with other building in Paris. It’s too modern.

My unfortunate or maybe fortunate part is when I got there, It was raining. So not much to see but the mist.. But over all, it’s worth a visit.



IMG_1000the 56th floor

IMG_0996the 59th floor, if you see it thoroughly, you can see Eiffel in the mist


Eiffel Tower

The Icon! Of the world of romantic city! The thing that you only see in the movies so far. And everyday there is a little or even major something about this tower. And you’re just brainwashed, to have this icon remain there for the rest of your life. No! I decided to see it barely and touch it with my own hands. There I was! One of the most important wishes in my bucket list checked.. But, no magic happened? No handsome stranger came and marry me? Oh bollocks! Hahaha.. at least I saw it directly, not on tv. The romance can wait alright.

IMG_3020it was sureal

I love how they trim the trees surround the tower. It was a square cut. And I love to walk or even run on the park. Trying to find some neat place to eat. And yes, all seems great!


IMG_3022the feet of Eiffel Tower

I didn’t go up to the tower, I didn’t have enough time for that. It’s also a paid entrance. Maybe next time. But we decided to eat around here. I ate authentic food from French, it’s awesome. I’ll discuss it in another post. Food only. It’s a cold air, but I felt fine, while all my friends got frozen, I still sweat. I didn’t realize that it was the hyperthyroid syndrome that flare bad six months after this trip. Know your body friends!

IMG-20140508-00047what’s on your mind?

IMG_3015bon appetit!

Now I’m gonna show the photo that will make you think that I’m crazy.. Sorry!! I bring my late husband photo.It’s almost his birthday, I couldn’t pray to temple for him at his 33rd birthday, so I decide to bring him to Paris to follow everything that I did. How’s that sound? Still crazy huh? You should’ve see my friends faces when I let out the frame. Shock!

But all with reason.. I remember how he promised to take me for a trip to Europe and Japan together. One of that supposed to be our honeymoon destination. But years after, I went there with my Mom. Yes I plan to got to Japan soon, and I promise, no picture of him anymore. He already have so many celebration from me. I hope he’ll send the one that can actually be there for me. Not just a picture in a black frame, but a real man.


After the gag (because of the wine!), we continued. To…


Musee du Louvre

I just love strolling down in Paris, in car or on foot. Though it was a crowded city with high criminality case everywhere. So be careful with your belonging. Some thief in Paris look like a supermodel. Seriously!! But glad I didn’t have any incident.

Finally Louvre!! Where my favorite novel, The Da Vinci Code took for an ending scene. So here it is!



Beautiful I may say! It’s really unique and gorgeous. I love being in the middle of them. Next time, I’m going to go to the Museum. I just take a look around from the outside. Because my friend say, if you go to the museum, you need all day long to finish browsing the arts. Alright noted, next time!


As you may see, my umbrella was on all the time. It was spring with a lot of rain. Some photo were lucky shots. You didn’t know how hard to take even one, in the big wind and rain. Hahaha!

So, that’s all for the first part.. I will continue the Paris trip in the other post.. I don’t want to talk and star my notebook too long, or i got dizzy.. Weak? No, just precautions.


All right Friends!

When they revoke the Travel Warning to Paris, what else are you waiting for?

So pack up your bag and Go!



Ananda Ramartha

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