Make Me Love You – Poetry



Dear Friends,


Warmest Love For You All,


I may not be a person who is good at poetry. But I read some, and my favorite is Kahlil Gibran’s… He is so romantic and always relate the poem with the nature, which for me is really awesome.

I enjoy writing novel and song better than poetry. But sometimes out of nowhere, some crossed to my mind, and I wrote it down. Like this one… About my hope. Maybe I fall in love or maybe I fall out of love before, but I just want to write it down.


So here it is…



-Ananda Ramartha-

make me stop, make me breath

make me smile, make me laugh

make me dance under the moonlight

make me run free above the wild grass

make me know that you really care

make me missing you when you’re not around

make my eyes only see yours

make my hand only hold yours

make me feel precious and so wanted

make me feel like I’m the only one in your heart

make me feel everything I long to feel

then I’ll make you get everything that I am

my heart… my love… my life

Have a romantic day you!



Ananda Ramartha

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