First Anniversary of!



Warmest greetings for all of you my Dear Friends!




Gosh I couldn’t believe that it’s been a year since I launched!

It’s been a wonderful journey. I learned so much ever since about blogging world. I have so many great friends that keep on supporting me to keep on posting my experience in this blog.

Please pardon me if I made a lot of mistake or rarely post compare to another professional blogger. I still learn to maintain my energy in so many aspects especially here. I am very blessed because I am still here and even healthier than ever been. Considering the reason of me making this personal web was because I wanted to share my experience about lupus. But heyy, I am grateful to be alive and widened the topic in especially about the traveling at Go category. Traveling is still a big pleasure in my life so I’d like to share more about it.


imageWorld is beautiful ?


As last year, 15 May is a meaningful date for me not only because it is birthday, but also my late husband Kemp Martha birthday. Yes one of so many reasons, I dedicated this web for him. He’s still endearing in my heart. Today is his 35th Earth Birthday that I cherished with a happy heart.

I celebrated this special day with my best friend in Bukit Moko, Bandung. Soon I will post about that beautiful place too.



Part of KLDB member in Bukit Moko ❤️


New look is ready at… Brighter as my heart and hopefully my future would be ??????

Also, I made an account at one of social media called Steller. You should check this one because I fall in love at the first sight with Steller. It’s amazing!

My Steller account is @allananda ?



Thank you so much for those neverending love towards me. I couldn’t done it all without your supports.

So Happy Birthday to me! Hahaha… May I consistently keep on sharing about my life journey with you all of my loyal friends. And also, may I always improving my writing and blogging skill towards ahead.




Until we meet again in the new post!


Much Love for you,



Ananda Ramartha


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