Poetry: True To Me



Dear Friends,


How are you?? Love to be back in a very good mind and heart shape.

I felt romantic today… Last night I had a high quality chat with my bestest girl, my little sister Pratiwi Ramartha. Our age difference are 4 years but we’re best friend in everything. I guess there’s nobody could see and think like me better than she is. Even sometimes, she seems to know me better than me my self know my self Hahaha..

So last night is another heart opened moment in my life. And she set me back on to my own foot.

About love, about faith, about me… So here is something to remind me of last night, of my sister, of my life.


Have a romantic great day my Friends ❤️




True To Me

-Ananda Ramartha-


I thought the universe was just fooling around with me..

But now I know, that She is right..

My sincere feeling for you is right and meant to be happened..

I live in lie for all this time..

and it was tiding me up to the gloomy cloud in my sunny hill mind..

but tonight I realize.. my feeling was never false..

My Dear New Heart let me just say the truth..

To set it free..

To live in honesty..
To give unconditionally..
To live full and trully happy..

My Dear Heart I am so sorry..

I fall to your arm of love and I used to run break free..

but now I turn to you and decide..

I’d love to love you undoubtedly..
I choose to be whatever you need..

even maybe if you never get it..

please allow me to just doing it..


Maybe someday you’ll finally see..
For the whole time, I was just being me.

Being the one you remember to see..

wherever.. whenever..

love is near.

however.. whoever..

only me.

unexpectedly.. undeniably..

love is me.




Ananda Ramartha



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