What Makes a Man Sexy in Woman’s Eyes



Dear Ladies, how are you?? Hey Gentlemen, how you doing?


I greet in a different way, suspicious… Haha!


My schedule is still very tight before the launching of my first book, Melodi Damarabika. I also made three songs for that, (two were my old songs, one is new specially created for my book theme) and soon we will enter studio for recording. Ugh so very excited!

Since my story is about a genius musician whom is hiding from the world and then found life and love in his sanctuary, so pardon if my mind is still covered with love cliche until this second, or maybe even until later. I created Tyo Damar, the main character whom is too good to be true, a very sexy cool man. Made me sometimes longing to be his lover. Haha! Sorry, can’t help it!

But then reality bites, I need to land again on earth immediately!

But, it also made me thinking, of what I see in a man that made him looked very sexy in my eyes. I have some criterias in mind, and all of those are what I’m gonna share you. Hihihi…

This might be my point of view specifically as a woman, but I know other ladies out there might also have similar thought such as mine.

So Gentlemen, keep on reading this post, because maybe you guys will find the secret to look super sexy in woman eyes 😉


This post made in two languages, English and Bahasa. Let’s get start it!



Ladies Representatives ;p

All my life, I’ve been surrounded by so many types of men. My families, my friends, my ex boyfriends, and of course my late husband. Some just come and go, because you can say, that life happens. In the end it’s the matter of survival of the fittest. Until now, not all of them stay tuned in my life.

I have a confession to make, I actually never dated more than a year with my exes. I was wondering why, but now I know, that happened because I always knew what I want, and eventually what I need in a man. And when I couldn’t get that in a man, I decided to be single again. Better not wasting both of our time right?!

I seriously dated five men in my entire life, sort of ;p

I could only had a long term relationship with one man, and he was my late husband. We dated for four years, -Breaking my personal Guinness Book Of Record!!- and then married for a year before he passed away. -not mourning anymore, don’t worry!-

All almost came with close types and characters. Almost.. Hence, I know what I found attractive in a man. What the most important thing I see in a man. And automatically, I’d found him super sexy in my eyes!


A man with Responsibility

A man who is working or doing business, who is living his dream by hard work and totally consistent about it, is really important. Because to me, when someone doing thing that he likes, it will let out pheromone hormone that keep him mostly stays in a happy and positive mood. A man with a happy life and a good mood, let out a good aura that vibes directly to the ladies, especially to the ladies who are also have the same positive vibes. It will attract them right away.

Responsibility is also mean loyalty and honesty. These two characters to me are total absolute, not only needed in one man, but also everyone. A man I found out lying and couldn’t keep his promises, really turns me off. I avoid this kind of man, or mostly put him in a friend zone, or bro zone. It’s good to know you, but I’ll pass, thanks! Hahaha!

Responsibility is also mean that a man can take care of me really well, as he took care of him self all along. This kind of man make me feel safe and protected just to be near around him.

And sometimes I also met those kind of men, whom used to neglect their own needs, for the shake of their families. They work hard non stop, and rarely married in the end. Since their priority is not about them selves, so they often sucked in, into the job and forgot to live and love. Honestly, I can sense if one man is like this, it was a subtle attraction, and I often fell deeply for him. Putting asides their needs, after their loved ones needs, are really selflessly sexy. But it is becoming very un-sexy when in the end they also often forgot about me. Hahaha! Seriously it could happened.

I just wished this kind of men realized, that at the end of the day, they also need someone who will stay by their sides. After all of the sacrifices they gave, they need to know that they are truly deserved happiness, as well as the others. Too bad they often missed to see, that I was there, or the other Ladies were once there for them. We Ladies here, are more than happy to take care of you guys. Be your shoulder to lean on. Trust me, our existence will make you even more successful and stay happily fullfilled.


A man with good EQ

Emotional Quotient. The emotion intelligence is important. How a man called cool is because he has this quality in his personality. Not being reactive, but being responsive towards one problem. A man who has this quality won’t ever hit us Ladies. He knows how to handle his reaction, even though we’re becoming a total pain in his ass. But it doesn’t mean he let us do whatever we want, this person will tell us what we’re doing wrong, at the right time, with the right words.

I personally needed this kind of man as a couple. Just like my Father and my late husband. They are calm in any way, but they are actually thinkers in mind, and eventually told me what I was doing wrong before. They made me better and changed, in a way that I could accept and embrace. Strict, but warm yet so wise.

I fully realized that somehow I also reactive about something, a little explosive (have changed from too explosive to a little because of my late husband), so that I need someone whom is sane enough not to make my emotion burst worse. That’s why I prefer to be with much older guy, because he often has reached some kind of a high coolness level, that could breeze directly, right in to my hot head.

I don’t care if you have a look like a supermodel, but if you don’t have this quality, I won’t bother to stay besides you. Rather than be with a badboy I always prefer a family man. That has always been me.

If you prefer being with a badboy, don’t come crying when he did something bad to you. Seriously.

Got it Ladies?!



Well those were two out of some. Unfortunately, I have a meeting right now, and still got things to do. Soon I’ll continue this post again, next post will be much hotter coz includes physical criteria. So be patient. I’ll be back sharing secret to make you men looked sexy in women eyes, especially in my eyes *wink wink* Hahaha!


Take Care Ladies and Gentlemen!


Much Love,

Ananda Ramartha


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