What Makes a Man Sexy in Woman’s Eyes -part2-



Dear Friends how are you??

Yes! I finally have sometime to continue this post. Lately, I’ve been surrounded by my publishing administration. So it feels so great to finally have a moment to do what I love to do. Yap of course, it’s writing!

Let’s continue our previous topic shall we.

What makes a man sexy in women’s eyes? After responsibility and good EQ, what else do we see in a sexy man? Let’s start this post with something obvious from the outside, sure it is… His physic.



What is your man physical type Ladies? Is he need to be handsome? Or is he tall, has a charming smile, a deep voice, a thick dark eyebrow and got a mature executive style? Well some of that’s actually my type. Hahaha!!

What about you, what do you see in a man that could draw your attention? Various I suppose. But I think we are all agree that a stylish man always catch our eyes right? I don’t mean he needs to be a super fashionable or a trendsetter kind of man, but just a regular man who knows how to dress up matching with his personality. If he’s messy then somehow he still look damn fine with his messy-ness. A lot of artsyย  men are like this, long hair, beard, mustache, short, T-shirt, dark look, vintage, etc. And somehow, some of them still look very attractive doing what they’re doing. For example a painter or a rock star.

I personally like to date not too stylish guy, but when we’re dating or having a formal events he’s able to dress up well, super sleek. When we travel, exercise or just chilling, his style could be as casual as he wants. Short and T-shirt, with a baseball hat occasionally, that’s really fine to me.

Do you know what kind of man whom never failed in any style, neither it’s messy or neat? Yup, a man with a good body. Ya ya ya! He could pull up in anything, even if when he’s in a black trash bag. -never tried it though ;p-

How could a steady shoulder and six packs abs fail us? If that’s me, I could hold him forever. Hahaha! Yes, all of my exes have great healthy bodies. They are mostly sporty and athletic. A basket ball player (late hubby) and mostly karate or taekwondo champs.

A man who has a good body, means concern about his health. I don’t mind with a smoker, as long as he keep doing any sport that he likes consistently. That’s balance. Honestly deep down I always think that a smoker is so damn sexy. -don’t hit me, I’m weird and I know that!-

But a drunken master? Big No! What about you, what is the bad habit that you can tolerate in a man? It’s up to you. Just don’t forget this Ladies, that other than physic, he still has many great things in him.

Good body attract me, good look is a bonus, good personality is a must.

So what do you think, is your type is an athlete, a musician, an executive or even a nerdy guy?



Who’s not having a great time talking with a man who connects with us? Our thought, idealism, and principle? A man who has the same intelligence level as us, able to hold a conversation longer than any other man?

A man doesn’t need to be clever academically, but being smart about life, know what to do with his life, with our life, and with our future is another level of sexy. That’s like a super hot sexy, my highest level of sexy-ness. I personally prefer a smart man rather than a handsome man. Always brain above beauty.

Once I had a crush with a super nerdy guy in my class, because he’s so clever, even though he’s not a handsome man. My friend and I thought I was freakishly weird. Yes but it was before, in my teen hood. But for now, I kinda like a smart guy in life rather than in the paper. This kind of man, can be our bible, our guardian angel. Trust me, we are all need this kind of man Ladies, if we want to have a bright life now and in the future. His EQ and smart intelligence will surely give us that. -see EQ point in post part one-

And if we want to get a smart man in our life, we need to be smart our selves Ladies. Otherwise he won’t connect when talking to us. So start watch news, care about your surrounding, and read book. Read my book too, even though it’s a fiction ;p



Funny man make us laughed and happy. A class clown always have lots of friends. He’s a magnet in a society, because when he’s around, happiness is guaranteed.

It’s always nice to have a big laugh, and not constantly being so serious for 24hours or even for the rest of our life. We are all need to laugh like crazy, once in a while. And we love to be with someone who can make us laughed like that in our life.

Being humorous and being serious about life is different. You could have a great sense of humor and still being so damn serious when it come to pursuing your dream. Nothing funny about a hard worker man who try to live his dream. But if he forgot to laugh and have fun, that’s too bad for him.

Seriously man, laugh! Laugh at your mistakes and failures sometimes will lift your burden. Don’t be too serious, life sometimes is that funny!

How cool that’d be when a handsome calm man was able to make smart jokes? Well he’d surely cracked my tummy and succeed catching my interest. We both surely will never be bored in life. Together for better or worse, for fun and suck moment too right?!

But that’s maybe because I came from a humorous family, and I made friends with social clowns too. So I have a high sense of humor, about my self, or about life. As long as that’s not a dark joke that hurting people, I can take any kind of jokes. Seriously, or humorously? Oh well… ๐Ÿ˜€

Gentleman, if you’re not able to make jokes, don’t push your self too hard to do it, or it will be embarrassing to you. But at least laugh when someone make one. That’s still show you’re a good joke listener. And make people still love to stay around you. For the Gentleman who could pull a joke, don’t over do it unless you’re Ashton Kutcher alright. Don’t lose your dignity in front of the Ladies, it’s not sexy at all. If you want to do some slapstick or sick joke, maybe you could do it with your men bff, unless if your Lady is that cool.



Spirituality is basically a foundation in one’s point of view about life. I have mine, and people have theirs. It doesn’t have certain measurement or standard.ย  It’s is so complex yet specific that everyone will have their owns thought about it. But based on what I believed, our level of spirituality in life will draw a person with the same level with us, just a little higher or a little lower compare to us. Especially when it comes to a life partner, the law of attraction is all over the place. It guided us to intersect in life, meet and then fall in love.

I couldn’t describe it well because it will be too many aspects to tell you. But let me tell you what I think about spirituality it self, which to me is the most fundamental thing of what I see in a man. What I see in a life partner.

He needs to believe in God, because I do too. He needs to have a sight of life that is the same with mine. He needs to believe in karma, do good gain good, and so does the other way around. He needs to love giving, not only thinking about himself all the time. He needs to be a generous sincere person. Has the same religion as mine. Appreciate things that I believe and even made it more complete. He needs to make me feel that he’s the only one for me, that he is the best man for me. And so on, and so on…

Spirituality is the thing that I found out later in a man, not right away just slowly but sure. But also, it is the only thing that made me see if he’s the one for me or not. To me the other criteria became less important when I found out about one person’s spirituality. Not only for love, but also for friendship. I could be best friend with the most hated person on earth, just because our similar spirituality realm. When he/she’s almost there, he/she become my best friend. But when one man really there and live at the same realm as mine, he become my love and life, my true partner, the one for me.

To be honest I only have a few people whom I could talk about spirituality. Maybe because I’m a bit different about it, so it wasn’t easy to find a soul mate regarding spiritual values. But they are here, and they are my best soul mates. My Treasure.

Not much to describe anymore, I guess only Ladies with certain spirituality who could really understand what the hell I was talking about in this point! ๐Ÿ˜€



So, that’s almost all!

Last but not least, is a humble man. All above criteria must be covered in a humble attitude. Confident, but not too much. I don’t fancy over confident guys. They are too cocky in my eyes. But I know some of the Ladies here are attracted to a certain confident man, maybe he looks sexy somehow. -maybe, coz for me I don’t think so-

Ladies attracted to a successful man, but what if the man keep on bragging about it? That’s a turn off. Vain, not sexy anymore. In opposite, a successful man who just let people who see and talk about his success, not talk about it him self and still be kind to other, is astonishingly sexy. Manner, and humble.

It is important to be with a manner humble person, he’ll be tactful about his wealth, know how to treat other people. Believe me, not every rich men have this quality. Some rich people are truly elegant, some are just not. Be the elegant one. After all what you need to do, to know one person’s personality better is simple. Watch how a person treat people from below his social class, not from higher social class. That’s always show a person’s true character, true quality. An abusive cocky man is never sexy in anyone’s eyes.


Ladies and Gentlemen, there you go. That’s just some of what women think about a sexy man. That’s all my opinion, some of you might agree or not, that’s really relative. To me, for sure I found out a man sexy in those ways, and those are what make me head over heel about him. But heyy, that’s me… So, how about you Ladies?


Keep being sexy Friends!! ๐Ÿ˜€



Ananda Ramartha

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