2nd Anniversary www.anandaramartha.com and His Earth Birthday


Dear Friends,


Hai apa kabar??


Today is a happy day isn’t it?! I wanted to say Happy International Mother’s Day on 14th May. Salam sayang untuk seluruh Ibu di dunia ?♥️?

Selamat Hari Lupus Sedunia juga pada tanggal 10 Mei. Dear Lupie friends, if you are believe in my miracles then you are able to believe in the existence of your own miracles.

Tak terasa www.anandaramartha.com sudah memasuki tahun keduanya. Dari blog untuk curhat sendiri, terapi hati sampai jadi punya pembaca setia yang sharing segala pengalamannya denganku. Ada yang mirip banget, ada yang beda, ada yang sangat menginspirasiku.

Today I’m sending my greatest love to my loyal reader that always there for me no matter what, when I’m healthy or dropping, when this web hacked or in a normal condition hahaha!!

Thank you so much Friends!! I love you!


Hari ini juga adalah ulang tahun ke-36 almarhum suamiku, Mr. Kemp Martha. 15th May 1981 he was born, and 25 year later we met and inseperable until death do us apart.

Hey Lord, how you doing up there? Can you look down here for a while?

Now you can see me living great and truly happy right? You’re one of the reason, your guidance every now and then. You’ve changed and let out the greatest things in me without me realizing it at all, you best life strategy master I’ve ever known. Had you in my life made me realized, I am destined to do things differently. You loved me, supported me, trusted me unconditionally. With you I realized, my life is going to be extraordinary, because we’re both never wanted to live so so. Once you said…

A great person is only meant to be with another great person, because living great is not an easy call. I need a strong partner, my perfect combo…

My efforts and your driven visions, all that quality in you, will lead us to achieve even the most unrealistic dreams of ours. -Kemp Martha-

I think you have made me become one pretty damn strong combo, because you were. I will learn to be better even when I’m nobody’s combo. Thank you so much Bli, awesome work!

Sorry I mumbled too long Gee, actually I just wanted to say Happy 36th Earth Birthday Bli! God bless your soul always ?

Anyway!! 20 Mei 2017 aku akan ada di Jakarta, sebagai juri lomba essay Suara Hati Odapus yang diselenggarakan Perhimpunan SLE Indonesia dan Perhimpunan Reumatologi.

Cek update acara di sosial mediaku ya! Maret-April lalu aku di Jepang, liburan sambil bekerja. Check out my Vlog on youtube channel Ananda Ramartha will you.


Thank you so much for your support Friends. I am grateful to have you in my life. I love you all.


My Greatest Love,

•Ananda Ramartha•




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