Dear Friends,


Dear Lupies/Odapus from all over the world,

Warmest Love from Indonesia. I’m Nanda, and I am a lupus survivor.


I dedicated the posts at this page for all of my friends that having chronically diseases.

My friends, you are not alone. I am here with you.

This is the story based on my experience while I was facing Lupus. How I hit the rock bottom, and how HOPE had saved me miraculously. If you really believe in Him, you will be bestowed by an amazing MIRACLE like what happened to me.

Rainbow always happen after rain.. Hold on a bit, cause there are no woes that we couldn’t handle.


This phase of life really slap me in the face. I need to change better, I want to change better… Along, I finally find the most spiritual thing in life that has became my basic principle ever since.


The post is my story. My dedication for you all my very special Friends.



I Love You Lupies

Ananda Ramartha


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